Alexander Vilinskyy

Product Designer in Kyiv, Ukraine

One-Sentence Bio

I design nice and well-thought iOS and macOS apps, that makes people better version of themselves.

My Work

I design productivity apps at Readdle↗︎:

Our apps are featured by Apple, installed in almost every Apple Store in the world and experienced by 100'000'000 people.

Side Projects

I've founded Small Offline Store↗︎ with friendliest customer support, invested in local project UrbanSpace 500↗︎, volunteered in national document management system iGov↗︎ and curated incredibly talented design-students at Projector↗︎.

How I work

I work with products, that serve and help humanity to live better lives. I believe that science, vision and teamwork are crucial for product success. My superpowers are attention to details and constant aspiration to process improvement.


I receive a lot of emails per day, but I carefully process them all. Usually it takes under 24 hours to receive a reply. Write me →