Alexander Vilinskyy

Product Designer in Kyiv, Ukraine

What I do

I’m product designer with main focus on iOS and macOS applications. I think successful products have to be easy-to-use and profitable for the companies. I help to achieve this balance.

Where I work

Currently I'm working at Readdle↗︎ on productivity apps for Mac and iOS:

I’m also responsible for mobile experience at Tickets Travel Network↗︎. We made hundreds researches and built successful multicultural products:

What else I do

I've founded Field Notes Ukraine↗︎ with friendly customer support and marketing experiments. I'm also invested in UrbanSpace 500↗︎ (local restaurant with 500 investors), volunteered in iGov↗︎ (national document management system) and curating students at Projector↗︎.

How I work

Attention to details is my biggest addiction. I believe that science, vision, and teamwork are the reasons of product's success. It's already proven in different teams on different markets.

How fast I respond

I am answering within 15 minutes. Write an email