Alexander Vilinskyy

Product Designer in Kyiv, Ukraine

What I do

I design products to solve user's problems and achieve business goals.

Where I work

Currently I'm working at Readdle on productivity apps for Mac and iOS:

I’m also responsible for mobile experience at Tickets Travel Network. We made hundreds researches and built successful multicultural products:

What else I do

I've founded Field Notes Ukraine with friendly customer support and marketing experiments. I'm also invested in UrbanSpace 500 (local restaurant with 500 investors), volunteered in iGov (national document management system) and curating students at Projector.

How I work

Attention to details is my biggest addiction. I believe that science, vision, and teamwork are the reasons of product's success. It's already proven in different teams on different markets.

How fast I respond

I am answering within 15 minutes. Write an email