Alexander Vilinskyy · Product Designer

I shape how technology looks, works, and helps people


Product Designer at  documents_app Documents by Readdle — Finder for iOS, that is installed in all 506 Apple Stores worldwide, with millions active users. We make iPhones and iPads as powerful as Mac. I've contributed to Growth and Onboarding Experiments, Video Player, Browser and Premium.


I've designed 50 UI concepts for  spark_app Spark by Readdle — personal and team email clients. Enhanced Email Composer, Smart Inbox, Email Comments.

Before that, I've built Mobile Design System focused on growth for  tickets_app Redesigned main user flows, navigation and accounts, that raised sales by 500%. Answered 1000 support tickets and gave my team introduction to product analytics.

Earned Master's degree in Management, built small offline store, invested in local restaurant and curated 40+ students at Projector.


While doing different things, I follow the same principles: produce high-quality result, respect teamwork and trust vision. Everyday I discover how to design, code, and manage in a new ways and I'm excited about the problems we can solve using modern technology.