Alexander Vilinskyy

Result-driven product designer. Currently design elaborate experience for productivity apps at Readdle.


Documents Documents & PDF Expert

Finder for iOS: download files, sync clouds, edit PDF, recognize text from photos. Documents App has millions of monthly active users and is installed in 506 Apple Stores worldwide.

IΒ explore growth opportunities and shape the product strategy and tactics. Features I've designed:

Spark Spark

Email client for iOS & macOS with two missions: declutter busy inbox and simplify collaboration on emails. We want to eliminate forwarding and make discussion more human.

I've designed 50 UI concepts for Spark 2.x, enhanced Email Composer with attachment manager, gave Smart Inbox cleaner indication, and made comments multi-platform design.


Older Works

I've built Mobile Design System focused on growth for, created concepts for TV industry and helped over a 100 projects to happen, by applying design frameworks and tools.

Visual experiments and WIP are on Dribbble.
Professional thoughts and jokes are on .

Contact Me

I've founded tiny offline store, invested in restaurant, volunteered in E-Government and curated 40 students in Projector Design School. I'm open for opportunities or friendly conversation. Usually I reply within a day:

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