Alexander Vilinskyy


Product Designer at documents_appDocuments — file manager for iOS with millions of active users. I contribute to product decisions, design and copywriting for new features. We want to make iPhone and iPad as powerful as Mac.


  • ✓  Built 50 concepts for the future of personal and shared email at Spark
  • ✓  Built Mobile Design System for iOS and Android at
  • ✓  Mentored 40 design students at design school Projector
  • ✓  Earned organization management Master’s Degree in KNUTE
  • ✓  Earned social entrepreneurship Bachelor’s Degree in Grenoble University
  • ✓  Launched notebook store in Kyiv (and closed it)
  • ✓  Learned online about design, development, management, illustration, copywriting, getting ideas, facilitating discussions, handling customer interviews, unit economics, generative design, math, physics . . .

Principles & Passions

While losing myself in thousands of things everyday, principles make my navigation easier: produce high-quality result, respect teamwork and learn everyday. I'm excited about future of work and education.